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Written and Directed by Dani Pearce.

A film directed by Dani Pearce for TEDxSydney 2017 that I Exec Produced alongside Producer Julia Corcoran. A film I am very proud of, I think it is a beautiful study of grief in motion and a supremely confident execution. 

Actor Nancy Denis opens herself up to the dance of emotion, and yes that tear sliding down her face is real - a privileged moment for all of us!. The stunning cinematography by Christopher Miles deserves a mention here too as do the great steadicam shots by Jake Iesu. Choreography by that queen of dance Vanessa Marian. 

As things sometimes happen, after an exhaustive search for a location we found an empty floor awaiting renovation and available for us at St Lukes Private Hospital. Special resonance for me, and maybe a guiding hand, as this is the hospital where my mum died many years ago, funny where the circle of life leads us sometimes….

Nursed Back got a Vimeo Staff Pick, and Director Dani Pearce was selected on 1.4’s ‘Cusp of Greatness Long Short List’ of Directors to watch for 2017.